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What is JIN Enterprise?

JIN Enterprise is a manufacturing company, acing the market since 3.5 years by Rushabh Sheth manufacturing cradle through the precise machines with all the skilled staff, to have user friendly and end user product with least manufacturing defects. It is also been tested before selling to any retailer or customer.

Our Vision

To manufacture all the kinds of cradle with all the modern features that we can provide.Acing the league of best cradles seller in the coming century. We aim to become manufacturer of the products for new born baby with the latest technology.

Area Of Work

Manual Cradles, Automatic Cradles, Hammocks, Soft Toys, Baby Beddings etc.We Manufacture all the Products with the continuity of latest Technology involved.

Our Online Selling Partners

  • FirstCry

  • Amazon

  • Flipkart

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  • Paytm

Our Happy Customers

6500+(within 2 Years)

Our Services

We provide 6 months warranty on automatic cradles.
24/7 Customer Helpline service.
Fast Delivery service within 4/5 days.

Our Journey

When we started in 2017, we were having only 3 customer, and now we had served 6500+ Happy Customers within 2 Years.

Owner ( Rushabh Sheth ) is a mechanical engineer who in his final year was supposed to come up with any new creation and he came up with making an automatic cradle with all features like wet sensor, voice sensor, timer, speed etc.

He innovated with Automatic Cradle series. As the cradle is automatic, it doesn’t need person attention to the baby, one can do their work as the baby sleeps, no need to swing the cradle.

After threshold efforts of one year, when he was in his final year, lastly at the end of the year cradle was successfully made, but it was just a prototype. Analyzing that the demand of the model was enormous in the market, he decided to have a R & D in this model and make a user friendly product (end user product) and in Nov. 2017, He had started a business of this automatic cradles.


For manufacturing automatic cradle, We had done 20 times trial and error with 20 different types of motor for automation. When lastly we could come up with the final one.

Developed an automatic cradle of 5 feet long for the disabled kid (which need continuous swing).

Manufactured a cradle for twins baby, in which the cradle frame was only one and it was having two hammocks upper side and other at downward.We hope to see you become a part of our journey. We work with one thing always on mind that your child’s safety is our responsibility too!Looking forward to serve you our exquisite products!

Rushabh Sheth

"I truly believe, a new born is a gift by god. To see them and their parents happy, living easy and
accessible life with safe Technology and Automation is my motto"