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Fully Foldable Automatic Cradle - Black

Rs.6,187.72| Rs.9,800.00 (36.86% OFF)

Product Details

Key Features

Swing Feature: It has both automatic & manual swing mechanism


Timer setting: It has 2 timer settings: 20 minutes and Continue 


Swinging Speeds: It has Speed adjustment Knob


Cradle Frame : Frame is semi Foldable and can be folded to 4 feet bag. The swing features non slip with vacuum rubber base


Noiseless Operation

Frictionless smooth Motion

Power Supply : Works with DC Voltage , so no issue of electric Shock. ( Even if the Power is ON  )

Fully Foldable Automatic Cradle - Black

Rs.6,187.72 | Rs.9,800.00

(36.86% OFF)